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inlingua levels

Level 1: Elementary Proficiency
1A - Able to satisfy minimum courtesy requirements and maintain very simple face-to-face conversations on familiar topics.
1B - Can initiate and maintain predictable face-to-face conversations and satisfy limited social demands.

Level 2: Limited Working Proficiency
2A - Able to satisfy routine social demands and limited work requirements.
2B - Able to satisfy most work requirements with language usage that is often, but not always, acceptable and effective.

Level 3: General Professional Proficiency
3A - Able to speak the language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most informal conversations on practical, social, and professional topics.
3B - Is often able to use the language to satisfy professional needs in a wide range of sophisticated and demanding tasks.

Level 4: Advanced Professional Proficiency Plus
4A - Able to use the language fluently and accurately on all levels normally pertinent to professional needs.
4B - Speaking proficiency is regularly superior in all respects - usually equivalent to that of a well educated, highly articulate native speaker.

Level 5: Functionally Native Proficiency
5A & 5B - Speaking proficiency is functionally equivalent to that of a highly articulate, well-educated native speaker and reflects the cultural standards of the country where the language is natively spoken.






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